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Zatar simplifies IoT app development and device connectivity.

Creating Custom Zatar Applications

Application Development Flow

The Zatar Developer Portal opens the door to developers to build custom applications that interact with devices connected to Zatar. The tools included in the Zatar Developer Portal guide developers through the process of registering their custom application and making it available to users. The process of developing a custom application consists of the following steps:

1. select your iot device

Use your own or get started with one of our kits or sample projects.

2. Interact with the API

Use the interactive documentation of the Zatar Applications API to:

3. Integrate OAuth 2

Register your application to get an OAuth 2.0 client ID and secret. This video tutorial explains how to use a client ID and secret in an iOS example.

Your application is ready to access and interact with Zatar data! Complete your app's logic to programmatically access the Applications API calls as needed. 

Example Projects and Reference Materials

Here are a few example code libraries and sample projects that use demonstrate how other developers have followed the client application development flow to register their application. 

Visualize Data in the Zatar Device Portal

Zatar Device Portal Application


iOS OAuth Example Project

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