Device Developer

Make Your Devices Talk

Each connected device has its own unique voice. Zatar has the ability to listen and share it with the world.

Connected Device - Cloud Based Avatar

Device Development Flow

Quickly connect devices so they can do the job they were designed to do. 

1. Choose YOUR device

Get started with one of our supported devices or development kits.

2. onboard your device

Create an Avatar for your device and interact with it using the Zatar Device Portal.

3. customize your avatar

Make the solution your own by building your own Avatar Definition and visualizations.

Device Side Documentation

Ready to get started? These guides were designed for “Zatar Ready” products or to retrofit existing devices.

More device side documentation

Is your Device Zatar Ready?

Not sure if your device is Zatar Ready or not? Read about what makes a Zatar ready device here.

Have you made a device that's Zatar ready? Tell us about it and have it showcased on!

Tell us about your Zatar Ready device

Example Code Libraries and Sample Projects

Here are a few sample projects that demonstrate how other developers have connected their devices to Zatar. 


Java Example

Raspberry Pi Demo

Raspberry Pi Example


C++ Example